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Lorin Tailor

Founder, Director, TRX + yoga + dance

Lorin has been studying movement since their teen-age years in the 80's -- from jazz and contemporary dance, bodybuilding and competitive fitness, rock climbing, acrobatics and trapeze, and multiple styles of yoga / meditation. Lorin's classes are super embodied, lively, improvisational and infused with this history. And the bottom line is a commitment to Earth Justice and peace. And rock and roll.

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Hebert Aguilar


Hebert is Bay Area born and raised, and he’s been dancing his whole life. Introduced to Salsa in high school, he fell in love and began training with professionals in the Latinx Dance world. He went to college during high school summer breaks to expand his knowledge to other genres, like ballet, modern, jazz, mambo and more. He found his true passion in Cuban Salsa genres — known as Casino. He started his dance company, Timba Heat, in 2007 and has performed around the Bay Area, also in Vancouver, Washington, Hawaii, and Miami. He is a patient, wise and engaging teacher, quite skilled at helping students of all levels dance with ease and joy.

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Mike Giannico


Michael is a Bay Area yogi who uses yoga for emotional attunement and sobriety. He is the founder of Outdoor Yoga Berkeley, a donation based outdoor yoga program started March 20th 2020 at the beginning of the Shutdown. Michael is driven to share his practices with everyone so that they can live pain free and healthy lives physically emotionally and spiritually. 

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Ellie Houston


In addition to her 10 plus years of experience in Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Kettlebells, Paddleboard Fitness, Group Exercise, Pre/Post natal exercise and TRX, Ellie is also a certified Body Image and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. Her mission is to push back against diet culture, weight stigma, body shame and bad-faith wellness culture within the fitness community. Through intuitive movement, modifications, inclusivity, and encouragement, her classes create a safe space for people to move, celebrate and strengthen their bodies with joy and freedom. 

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Supreet Kaur


 Supreet (RYT-200) and has been practicing yoga for 7+ years. Yoga is an integral part of her life, her practice is when she comes back into her body (both mentally and physically), slows down, and checks in with breath. After all, slowing down is the new leveling up! Supreet is a full-time speech-language pathologist for the schools, and specializes in helping students find their voice. She has a kind and very present demeanor, and she makes it easy to drop in, to feel safe, and to cultivate the conditions for true happiness.

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