Is your family looking for an excellent summer camp? We're here to help! We're hosting a 9-week summer camp series at our spacious studio designed especially for creative kids!


With a daily movement class (drawing from dance, yoga, mindfulness, and aerial arts), a big space for free play and games, daily arts and crafts projects, some outdoor time for lunch (weather permitting), and a quiet space for kids who want to chill -- your child will enjoy this intimate, warm environment and come home smiling.

Our special focus is what we call creative kids. Perhaps more inward, more dreamy, a bit more quiet and apt to stand at the edges of larger groups -- our kids thrive in this more intimate setting.

We keep the cohort to 15 kids max with 2 caring and responsive teachers who are attuned to the social / emotional welfare of each individual child. Since we keep things small, we can serve a child who needs some away time, or perhaps a special project to draw them out a bit.

Of course we still have our rowdy times!

As a movement studio in business since 2010, our specialty is all types of movement -- from dance to yoga to TRX / aerials! We love to have silly dance parties and exotic costume days!

But whatever it is, we operate with love, compassion, and respect for each child who walks through the door. And we care about parents too. Families need communities to thrive!

Our motto is to let kids be kids, and in this world during these fraught times this work feels especially important.

We'd love to get to know you and your child, and would welcome a chance to have a phone chat to tell you more about our program! Thanks for reading!


  • kids 6-11

  • $375 / week

  • 15 kids max. w. 2 teachers

  • focus: art, craft, movement & play

  • a sensory chill environment

  • a daily movement class

  • daily outdoor outing (weather permitting!)

  • neurodiverse & queer friendly!

  • Covid aware + experienced





Complete this form and we'll get back to you shortly! You can also email Camp Facilitator Amy Moestue for more details or to schedule an informational chat: anniekitty14@gmail.com

We'd love to have your family in the mix!