Reservations & Payment

Reservations: Reservations are encouraged but not required. Feel free to drop in to our classes with no reservation, with the exception of certain workshops. You can make an online reservation up to a week in advance to secure your place in a class. We release reservations 5 minutes before class starts – so your account will not be debited for your reservation. We do not charge for cancellations or absences. When you come to class please sign in at the front desk so the crew can mark you as in attendance, even if you have a reservation. Registering for class online will expedite your check-in process at the front desk.

Donation Classes: The suggested donation is $9 to $14. You can use your class series or the new student special, Zenrez, ClassPass, Passport to Prana, or any other promotional package for the donation classes.

Class Cards, Student Promotions & Coupons, Etc:  You can take any regularly scheduled class with a class series, membership, new student special, comped class, Zenrez, ClassPass, etc. However, please note this does not include special workshops, immersions, trainings, bootcamps, lectures, etc.

Paying for a Friend: Email with the name of the recipient. We’ll transfer the purchase or reservation to their account. You’re also welcome to make reservations in the studio. If you’re interested in purchasing a gift card, you can do so online or in studio.

Studio Information

What to wear & bring to class:  Wear something you can sweat in that gives you freedom to move. We suggest that you bring water and a towel and your own yoga mat (if you’re coming to yoga). You can wear indoor, nonmarking shoes for Zumba and TRX.

Yoga mats and props:  We suggest you bring your own yoga mat, if possible. We have rental mats for $2 cash, and we will supply blocks, yoga blankets, and straps.

Transitions between classes: Please know that we don’t have a lobby and open the doors 15 minutes before a class starts. Once in a while, a class goes overtime — which might extend this wait time. We do our best to start and end on time to honor your schedule and make signing in convenient for you.

Changing facilities:  We have dressing rooms and a restroom at the studio. We don’t have shower facilities. Space is rather limited, so you might want to show up for class in your workout clothes (if possible).

Car parking, bike parking & BART:  There are quite a few metered parking spaces around the studio and some limited free parking in the surrounding neighborhood (watch for street sweeping days!). We have bike parking in front of our building and we’re located just a few blocks from the Macarthur BART station.

Class Information

Classes for beginning students:  For yoga, we'd love to have you join us for Deep Flow, Mellow Flow, or Nourishing Flow. Our dance and strength classes are taught to all levels.

Heat and Music: Our yoga classes are heated to varying degrees. The hottest classes are the Flow classes. The room is heated to around 90 degrees, not quite as hot as a traditional “hot yoga” class. Warm classes are Deep Flow, Mellow Flow, and Nourishing Flow. If you check the description for classes on our online schedule, we note if a class is beginner-friendly, super heated, or if it has music.

Can kids or adults observe classes? Can kids take adult classes?  To foster a focused atmosphere, we don’t allow non-participating observers in the studio [there might be exceptions in certain cases, at the instructor's discretion]. Beyond this – we don’t allow children under the age of 12 to attend adult classes and exceptions are up to the instructor. 

Tips for pregnant students:  Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program while pregnant. In general, you might want to start with a “beginner-friendly” class if you’re new to the practice. We suggest talking to a qualified prenatal instructor to see how to modify the practice.  If you’re acclimated to a “hot & sweaty” vigorous practice, you should be able to continue with your regular practice during your pregnancy. Please let your instructor know about your pregnancy before class starts so they can help you modify your practice.