Rachel Meyer is an SF-based yoga teacher and writer who lovingly straddles both the academic world of yogic philosophy and the "real world" of asana, meditation and service. She's an RYT who has written for Yoga Journal, trained with Rusty Wells and Bikram Choudhury, and studied under radical theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether toward a Masters in Social Theory and Body Theologies in Berkeley, CA.

Rachel's practice is primarily Vinyasa-based, with strong emphases on music, laughter and dance. She came to yoga from a background in musical theater and choreography, having performed with a political theater company in Edinburgh, Scotland before moving to SF. Her blog (http://rawrach.blogspot.com) serves as an informal arena for discussing yoga philosophy, the arts, books, politics, pop culture, vegetarianism, and more. You can also find her at www.facebook.com/RachelMeyerYoga. She looks forward to meeting you on the mat and sharing her love for this light, lyrical, life-changing practice. CONTACT: rawrach@gmail.com