The body says what words can not.

-Martha Graham


Learn to embody graceful movement while building long, strong muscles using classic techniques ballerinas have been using for centuries. Ballet Flow builds stability and balance while strengthening your legs, back and joints.


Bodywerk is a dynamic hip hop dance jam, good for all levels, blending a variety of contemporary urban styles. Class starts with a warm-up to get blood flowing and to orient students on the basic moves. The core of the class is focused on building short sequences -- song by song. Students repeat the sequences to raise the heart rate, challenge the mind, and invigorate the soul. Class ends with a short cool down.


This is a high-energy, Latin-based dance fitness class that is guaranteed to make you sweat. You'll enjoy Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Calypso and more while burning calories. Dance experience is not required. It's like having a party while you work out!