Flow in to the New Year

with Susannah Freedman

Susannah Freedman will lead a vigorous detox yoga flow taught in a heated room with music, creative sequencing, and a mindful attention to detail.

Join the movement, get in to the flow state.

| New Years Day Detox Flow |

| 11am-1pm | Flying Studios | Mod Location |

Dance your way in to 2019 with Andreina Febres

Join Andreina Febres this New Years Day to celebrate in the form of dance. Zumba® is a high-energy, Latin-based dance fitness class. Dance experience is not required.

It's like having a party while you work out!

| New Years Day Zumba |

| 9:30am-10:30 | Flying Studios | Mod Location |

Deepen your practice, dive in to the New Year

Join Michelle Cordero for a celebration of life, love and community. Michelle has been a landmark teacher for Flying for years. Take time for yourself first, and set an intention to make the most of your day. Enjoy a great mixed level deep flow yoga class, sweat in to the new year, and groove along with a fun playlist.

Drive your practice to the next level.

| New Years Day Deep Flow |

| 10am-11:30am | Flying Studios | OG Location |